Refurbished desktops, laptops and tablets

BIST can supply a wide range of Grade A refurbished desktops, laptops and tablets, from all the leading manufacturers including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Apple, Panasonic to name a few.

If you are looking to stretch your I.T. budget further, but are concerned about purchasing refurbished I.T. equipment, the Q & A below will hopefully enlighten you on the pros and cons of this option.

BIST can save organisations up to 70% of the original retail price.  Call our Sales Team today on 01274 518700 for a quick quote or complete the enquiry form.




Refurbished equipment is unreliable

Q. Given it’s already second hand, is it going to have a higher failure rate than new equipment?

A. All equipment purchased from BIST goes through a thorough test and data wipe as part of the standard process. Any failure is identified at this stage and parts are often replaced.
Furthermore, once an order is placed, any systems are then retested as part of a pre-delivery inspection process. Any faults will be picked up in this part of the process. Our failure rate is less than 1.5% which is comparable with failure rate on new equipment sales anyway! I can buy brand new cheaper

Q. I can buy a new entry level laptop for the same price. Why would I buy refurbished?

A. Yes, you can buy an entry level “cheap and cheerful” laptop for a low cost. However these are often poorly built with cheaper components and limited technical ability. The systems provided by BIST are generally high-end models from the major manufacturers which have been used in large corporate environments. These units are built to provide leading edge technology to power hungry users.
For most situations, an ex-corporate machine will be able to provide the computing power required. Furthermore, BIST is able to offer installed upgrades of RAM and SSD Drives to increase performance.

Refurbished equipment can be in poor condition

Q. How can I be sure we receive good quality equipment?

A. All equipment is individually graded with standard condition codes. It is these condition codes which determine the Grade. The refurbished equipment provided by BIST is only Grade A.
Refurbished equipment comes poorly packaged and looks second hand

Q. What type of packaging will my refurbished equipment arrive in?

A. We understand that perception is as important as reality. To this end, BIST has developed a packaging solution for refurbished equipment which allows it to sit side by side with a new machine.
Differences between Grade A and Grade B refurbished hardware

Q. What is the difference between Grade A and Grade B?

Grade A – In excellent condition for a previously used machine, you may find 1 or 2 small cosmetic blemishes. This may be a minor hairline scratch, small scuff mark or small indent.
Grade B – In very good condition for a previously used machine. They will show slightly more wear than Grade A. This could be a few hairline scratches, scuffs, small indents or a dead pixel.

Refurbished equipment doesn’t have any software installed

Q. Is there any software installed on the equipment?

A. All machines come with COA, however we can supply a range of operating systems for an additional charge unless you already have a Microsoft Agreement. Benefits

Cash Savings – you will be able to save cash and it is not uncommon to see some products 30-50% lower
Better Specification for your budget – you will be able to get a higher-end spec
Environment – it’s environmentally friendly; there’s far less electronic waste, and the life cycle of all devices lasts longer
Additional testing – given the thorough process that occurs when the device is cleaned, updated, tested and reconfigured, the computer will have gone through a series of additional test
Refurbished equipment has been tested in the field and the bugs have already been found and corrected